Mobile applications development

Maxima Labs is a proud participant of the latest trends in business and consumer-centric mobile applications. After deploying a great amount of apps on different mobile platforms, now we are a specialist mobile application development company offering full-spectrum, end-to-end services across diverse categories such as business, utilities, entertainment, etc. We offer custom mobile application development on mobile operating platforms, and we are ready to fit to any requirement.

Web applications and advanced web solutions

Maxima Labs has huge experience in web development. We combine creativity and accuracy, necessary simplicity and smart technologies. It's not only about great appearance in network; it's about the results of it. We know your goals and know how to make them happen. No, we don't get your place, we are trying to be your partner. Maxima Labs creates complex websites with advanced business logic. E-commerce, B2B/B2C – we have the expertise to make the ideal solution for your online needs. We care about technological process, intuitive navigation, usability, proper look and feel.

Outsourcing and on-demand development teams

Maxima Labs team is able to assume entire projects and be responsible in it. Our project managers are strongly efficient so your business development stage is in safety. We appreciate your time and budget and guarantee the quality of our projects. And we give you the opportunity to entrust us your project and have the effective team of our developers in your arsenal. Maxima Labs can effectively assemble a team of highly skilled developers to work on your project, either by your or our control.

Project management and consulting

Maxima Labs team will help you to plan, organize and manage time- and cost resources for efficient and successful running of your new business. Our aim is to provide outstanding customer service and precise quality. Our team is ready to offer you a full range of consulting services, from planning process and strategies making to IT outsourcing services. We will help you to get maximum profit out of your available resources.

About us

Starting in 2006 we have become a great experienced and reliable partner to our clients worldwide. Flexible policy is what allows us to build business relationships according to every client's needs. We are ready either to develop your project on our own just getting your idea or to give you a team of developers to be managed yourself.

The mission of our company is to provide our clients with modern technologies, innovative, cost- and time-effective products for their web business. We offer affordable, fast, accessible and user-friendly solutions, which helps you grow your audience and business. It's no need to say that Maxima Labs has individual approach to every client, flexible support and services system.

Maxima Labs is behind a number of community and e-commerce solutions, both on the web and on mobile. We initially launched in dating and entertainment sectors where uptake on new technologies is traditionally quick. Then we found that the key principles of these sectors can be successfully applied to a wide range of B2C and B2B markets where data matching, search functionality, user profiling, and social communication are of great value. Adding mobile capabilities to the mix brings important communication and retention tools in a highly personalized space.

Here at Maxima Labs we provide a full-cycle development process: your idea will grow into solution through creating the specification, design, coding, testing, and your approval. We are proud to be a staff of proficient developers and managers to give you any response if needed. We value both the large-scale companies and start-ups to give essential development solutions.

We focus on developing of

  • Complex websites with advanced business logic (social, e-commerce, B2B, B2C)
  • Systems capable to handle high volume of visitors/requests
  • iOS mobile applications (iPhone / iPod / iPad)
  • Android mobile applications (including tablets)
  • Social widgets and applications for Facebok and other social networks
  • Intergration services for all above technologies

We have always seen any development opportunity as a challenge waiting to be solved. This has led to our involvement in developing many diverse online business applications for a variety of small and large organizations across the globe.

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Our services

Maxima Labs has great experience in providing turnkey solutions in web- and mobile applications development. This experience is what allowed us to extend our services further and not only offer leading edge products but also a completely managed outsourced project development service.

Our web-development is based on the latest web designing tools and using new technologies in the intensive developing mobile and social area which assures our clients that they will have more revenue among the competitors and will be confident in being marked out among their internet audience.

Find out the opportunities we propose

  • Social services and applications development
  • Web development
  • iOS/Android/HTML5 mobile applications
  • Consulting and Outsourcing services

Also it is our obligation to make the development process not only intensive, but also understandable and controlled by you. That’s why you always participate in project development and know the recent situation The parts of the development/ management process are the following:

  • Strategic analysis and planning
  • Application design, functional and technical specification
  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Operational planning and support

Maxima Labs provides a complete software development service that can be used to tailor our products to a client's particular requirements or develop online and mobile solutions from initial concepts up to final implementation. Not only standards and worldwide practices but also creativity and non-typical ideas are used here at Maxima Labs.

Even though we offer an extremely cost-effective development service we never compromise on levels of customer satisfaction, support and, above all, a quality service. We guarantee you'll get a stable and robust software solution.

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Our clients

Maxima Labs has developed applications for numerous social, mobile and web companies.

Our selected clients are

Lexis Nexis

Lexis Nexis is the leading provider of information and business solutions to help knowledge-drivenprofessionals achieve excellence.

  • Maxima Labs designed and delivered three generations of their solicitors search portal which enables Lexis Nexis to leverage their subtaintial publishing assets.

British Council Library has introduced a new system called mylibrary. The mylibrary facility provides doorstep delivery of books for the customers. The physical library was closed in the year 2010 and has been replaced by the mylibrary system provided by Maxima Labs. Initially 900 members registered with mylibrary system. In one year the membership increased to 3600 members. Maxima Labs provided full management cycle including:

  • business consulting and project planning,
  • project developing,
  • in-house staff training and operational support.

Future plans include developing of mobile version of the website and corresponding iPhone/Android applications

New Scientist Last Word

Since 1956 New Scientist has been keeping readers up to date with the latest science and technology news from around the world. It goes behind the news to provide the users with the commercial and business viewpoint.

  • Maxima Labs delivered their Web 2.0 social community portal LastWord where the questions about everyday science are asked.
  • This project includes our unique product recommendation algorithms and
  • exclusively designed server architecture optimized for high availability.

Murka is a development company focused on social games and games for mobile platforms. Applying modern technologies and development approach the Murka company is called to develop the best games for people all over the world.

  • MaximaLabs has long-term relationship with FishSticks and collaboration in versatile fields. is one of the most successful and effective job-aggregator on worlds markets. It is the most convertible from all competitors and even it has higher conversion rate than Google traffic. As a result, partners reassign its costs from other traffic sources to

  • Maxima Labs designed effective click distribuition algorithms based on self-developed statistical models and
  • developed this site using own web application framework.

LoveScanner is the most innovative dating search engine. It pulls results from worldwide dating services to offer the largest possible selection of real matches. The most important safety feature offered by is its security system which keeps members' personal information private and well-protected. MaximaLabs has long-term relationship with LoveScanner and

  • provides developing resources and
  • consulting services in mathematical modelling and algorithms development.

Venda supports and maintains e-commerce sites for more than 100 UK and US retail brands. Maxima Labs developed and supported a Venda's affilitate marketing platform to all major online market places's and retail portals. This project includes

  • unique environment for processing of huge amounts of data,
  • integration with numerous retail channels,
  • complete solution for remote EBay shop management. is one of the leading Eastern Europe price comparison engines. Here is a huge database with versatile product categories, vendors and price politicy.

  • Maxima Labs provided advanced search and recommendation engine based on users' behavioral statistics and estimations;
  • Maxima Labs team has developed iPhone and Android applications for this engine, supports and updates them;
  • Our team maintains interoperability with Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

HomeMoney is an advanced budgeting and money tracking online service for personal and small business use. HomeMoney allows you to manage your finances easily, monitor your expenses, see where your money goes and take control.

  • Maxima Labs develops and supports iPhone and Andorid applications for HomeMoney in order you to make notes wherever you are.
Jancis Robinson

Jancis has been writing and broadcasting about wine for 30 years, and has been the FT’s wine correspondent since 1989. Jancis retained Maxima Labs to consult on business development and technical implemenation for her web site

  • As a result website has been redesigned and moved to the new content managed system carefully designed to meet exact cliet requirements.

LoveFilm International is Europes leading online DVD rental business. Maxima Labs has supported LOVEFiLM's growth in numerous ways providing

  • project management,
  • technical development,
  • partner reporting functions and
  • frontline web applications.

Price policy

For companies who do not have their own in-house software development staff or require additional programming resource, Maxima Labs can quickly and easily assemble a team of highly skilled developers to cover any needs of a client.

We have flexible businees models of cooperation that can fit any client. Find out more below or contact us to discuss your needs.

Fixed price projects

In case of fixed price projects the pricing is set based on the scope and specifications of the project. After coming to the agreement, the project will be signed off and started. Payments would be made in parts according to the development agreement. This can be chosen by clients who has exact requirements and well defined specifications.

Pay per hour model

This model is based on hourly rate. It suits complex and time consuming projects, and customers can come with alternative suggestions or requirements due to which the project may be reestimated and/or rescheduled. Hourly rates allow keeping control on development process and can reduce costs drastically. In addition, there is an option to change the team size on the fly and speed project development process up or slow it down if necessary.

Agile development

Agile methods break tasks into small increments with minimal planning, and do not directly involve long-term planning. Each iteration involves a team working through a full software development cycle including planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, and testing. This minimizes overall risk and allows the project to adapt to changes quickly. Both fixed price or hourly rate models can be used at each iteration. This model is a best option to monitor big projects and to reduce risk from the side of the customers.

Dedicated team

Using this option clients directly manage their teams while Maxima Labs provides working environment, infrastructure, and legal protection to team membres. We will analize all client's need and form a team that matches all client's requirements.


Maxima Labs handles all of the personnel elements, including payment of salaries and recruitment of specific skill sets. As the client, you get access to an extremely versatile and highly productive work force that are dedicated to assisting you in the successful completion and delivery of your software solution.

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For companies who do not have their own in-house software development staff
or require additional programming resource, Maxima Labs can quickly and easily assemble a

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